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About us

Welcome to ACE & AVENUE - a brand with a global outlook, putting social interactions at the forefront. We ship worldwide, exploring new horizons and curating products and apparel for a fresh generation. At ACE & AVENUE, we firmly believe that what makes an outfit or product extraordinary is how you use or wear it. It's not about the event or the audience; it's about you. You're the stylist, the main character. It's your look, your product, and we're here to deliver it.

Business Philosophy

Our vision at ACE & AVENUE is to "create a better everyday life for the masses." Our business philosophy revolves around providing a diverse range of beautiful, practical, and affordable home decor and stunning fashion products. By optimizing our entire value chain, building strong relationships with suppliers, and investing in highly automated mass production methods, we aim to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Our vision extends beyond home decor; we strive to enrich people's lives through hard work.

Sustainable Development

"Your beautiful Home, your Look, and Confidence" epitomizes ACE & AVENUE vision. We prioritize growth and development within our means, making long-term investments for the future. As the cornerstone of our growth, we aim to create a more intimate connection with our customers, allowing more people to build a better everyday life. Most of our profits will be reinvested in existing and new listings, product design, sustainable solutions, and lowering product prices for our customers. We carefully select product packaging to convey our sincerity and respect for our customers.

Our commitment to high-quality, affordable products stems from keeping our customers' needs at the forefront during the design process. As we grow, our goal is to have a comprehensive and positive impact on the planet and society as a whole. Your happiness is our mission, and to show our gratitude for your valuable time, please use "ThankYou10" for a discount at checkout. (:

About us